How to Get Here

By road

For a group of people, the most economical approach is to come by road, and it does not take long. We can collect guests from Dar es Salaam, whether from the airport or from any hotel, and take you back after your stay. The trip takes around 5 hours from the outskirts of the city. The first half of the journey is on a very good tarmac road. The second half begins on a good graded dirt road, and finishes on sand. The stretch on sand is slow and not to be rushed, but is not too uncomfortable. If you are new to the country then you will find the whole journey fascinating, both the varied landscapes and a glimpse of life in rural Tanzanian towns and villages.

Directions for road travel. If you are driving yourself (and note that will need a 4WD off road vehicle) allow 5 hours from the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. You follow the Kilwa Road 133 kms to Kibiti where, just past the garage, you turn right. The local style Victoria or Zebra restaurants in Kibiti are your last chance for a cold drink or a cup of tea and local food. Follow the graded dirt road a further 30 kms to a main junction with a large number of sign boards. You will see a sign to Selous Great Water Lodge – here you turn right. From here you have 60 kms to go. There is a sharp bend to the right in the village of Kilimani 12 kms on, but simply follow the main road until you see our large sign board on the left side. Follow the track and you will reach the lodge after 1.5 kms. Total distance 217 kms.

By air

There are several companies offering frequest flights from Dar es Salaam or from other airports to the airstrips in the Selous, and you can easily plan an itinerary connecting destinations inland with the coast and with Zanzibar or Mafia islands. The standard fare for a one way only flight from Dar to the airstrip at the Mtemere Gate, nearest point to Great Water, is around $165 US. We can arrange to collect you or drop you off at the airstrip.

Airline schedules vary from time to time so we strongly suggest that you contact the companies directly. Some of the main companies are: